Digital Display Signage / Photo Montage

We have multiple styles of HD Flat screen monitors that we will bring to your event. We have 2 main purposes for our amazing displays.

First, for a wedding reception or birthday┬áparty you will simply bring us a flash drive of digital images such as growing up, engagement, etc and we will play a slide show of photos throughout the reception. This option is very emotional to start the slideshow during the 1st dances of the night. We find that many of your guest will enjoy the photos throughout the night. We also have upgrade option to provide more than one monitor also. Typically the monitor can be placed anywhere such as beside the DJ booth, in the lobby, near the head table etc…

Second, Digital signage is a very popular use for the monitors. Many corporate events love to place out monitors throughout the lobby or event space which will show the guest what time certain events are taking place through the day and also can show corporate logos and sponsors. This helps with flow of the event and exactly what is taking place when.