We want to talk about one of the most important items that we have here at Virtual Sounds Entertainment, our online event planner. There is nothing like being able to have full control of your event, being organized, and request your music. These are some important points that most everyone has a concern with. Let’s take a look at how Virtual Sounds can ease your mind and put the power back in your hands.

When you book any event with Virtual Sounds Entertainment you gain access to your very own unique online planner. We have all kinds of different planners, be it a wedding, sweet sixteen, school dance, or a private party, we have you covered. Besides putting in the normal information about your self like your name and contact info we go a little deeper. We want to know more about your event, especially if you are getting a package that comes with an MC. His attention to every detail on you planner is what will make your event flow just the way you have designed it to. The MC or DJ will know exactly the way you would like for your night to go with out having to question you while you are trying to enjoy your evening with your guests. Our best way to say is this, “Sit back, relax, and enjoy your friends and family. You have already told us what you want, now it’s our job to make it happen.”

Your Planner is web based which means you can access it anywhere. At home, in the office, or on the go with your mobile phone. It is password protected so you can keep your plans secure or share it with someone else to help out fill in some of the blanks. We always like to bring each customer back in to the office or talk over the phone to review everything about a week or so before the event to make sure everything is covered.

The first part is for the most important songs that the DJ will need to know. For instance, at a wedding these songs would be, Intro Music, First Dances, Cake Cutting Song, or Last Dance of the night. All very important. But there is more to the night that just those few songs. How about Cocktail Music or Dinner Music. You can give us a list or just provide a Genre or style. All can be noted in you very own Custom Made Online Planner.

The second part of the planner is the Introductions. This is typically used for a wedding or a Quinceanera. This is how the MC will know the names of everyone that is going to be introduced and in what order you would like. It’s very important to have this as a part of your wedding. We use this moment to really set the tone of the event and bring up the energy in the room to get things started right. Here is an example of how it looks.


One of the next things that you will have access to is the Event Timeline.  This can be as detailed as you like. Again the more the information we have the better we can service you. We use this as a guide for how you want the night to flow. There are no rules any more on how and when these different activities are done but if you are looking for suggestions take a look at this example.


The last major part that you will have a say in is Music. We make it as easy as possible for you to pick out all of your favorite songs. We have it split up in 3 different categories. Must Play, Play If Possible, and Do Not Play. There is also a Custom field in the Music Planner for any song you can’t find in our library that you would like played. To make it even easier there is a Most Requested button at the top that will help you find that special song. Once you find it just hit one of the 3 colored buttons to add it to your list. Green = Must Play, Yellow = Play if Possible, and Red = Do Not Play. When picking out music feel free to mix it up. Give us a good mix of different songs you like and don’t worry about how they line up, after all you did hire a DJ. We know that best way to make heads or teals of your list and make all your requested music flow through out the entire night. Also keep in mind that the Do Not Playlist is just as important to us as the Must Play. The last thing we want to do is play a song that you definitely don’t want to hear. Below you can see an example of what the Music Planner looks like.


We hope that after everything is input into the system all your stresses and worries are taken care of. Again, we like to review all of these planners with you to make sure we know exactly what you want your event to be. And if there wasn’t a field for something you wanted there is a simple note section where you can type any other details that you feel are important. We hope that these tools makes planning  your event more simple and allow you to enjoy your night with out any distractions. To find out more about having Virtual Sounds Entertainment at your next event click the Get a Quote button to get started.

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