We get asked all the time, “How do I make my event stand out from the rest?” Here at Virtual Sounds Entertainment we have the answer. There are many ways to take your event to the next level and stand out from the norm. Be it a Wedding, Private, Party, or Corporate Event, Lighting is the best way to change your next event from just a party to one with style.

Lighting can change the complete feel and environment of your special event. Up lighting, Pin Spotting, and Monograms are some creative ways to add that special look to your next event. We will look at all of the different ways that Virtual Sounds Entertainment and Productions can help you customize you Special Day!

Up Lighting is the one sure fire way to turn any venue to a modern marvel of color. If you are looking for a way to transform a normal room or to accent a beautiful room, up lighting is the way to go. We use a LED light and do so for several different reasons.

  1. Custom Colors: By using the LED style lights we have many preset colors but we also have the capability to change them to create the perfect color for your special event.
  2. Power: The amount of power that each light is significantly less than the incandescent which allows you to get more lights in your venue with out tripping a breaker.
  3. Heat: The standard Incandescent light not only pulls a lot of power but they produce a lot of heat. This creates a dangerous environment for your guests.  A LED fixture does not create any heat and can be placed up against any cloth, under tables to create a glow, or behind a curtain for special lighting effects.

In some special cases we can add an extra effect to these lights. By using a LED light we have the capability to control them. They can fade from one color to the next, create a chase pattern around the room, strobe, and much more. The lights can be more than just a color wash on the wall but can be transformed as part of the experience for the entire event. Check out our Up Lighting Enhancement page for more info.

Uplighting Image

See what others have said:

Regina said… “We rented everything from uplighting (which matched to a T), the photobooth, the slideshow screens, custom monogram…etc and the guys did an amazing job designing and setting up everything.”

Robin said… “The uplighting they used for the venue made it look very beautiful also. I highly recommend Virtual Sounds for your special events.”

Now imagine you are in your venue for a minute. The sun is still out, your decorations are perfect. The event is going well but the sun starts to go down and your DJ is fading out the house lights to make the room have a more intimate feeling. All your hard work in decorating has now faded away into the darkness.

How do you preserve the look of you decorations but not take away from the intimate feeling. Consider looking at our Pin Spotting Enhancement.

We have an amazing way to ensure that your center pieces don’t get lost and get the attention that they deserve. So don’t let your cake and beautiful table centerpieces go in the dark. Many brides spend lots time and money on decorations that end up disappearing once the lights are out and the dancing begins. This package will be bringing out our state of the art wireless LED pinspot lights to accent and light up those table decorations and also the wedding cake. Highlighting the centerpieces and the cake in your venue just makes the room pop with that much more color and decor.

Be sure to check out our Pin Spotting Enhancement page for more ideas of how this could be at your next event!


Now on to our most popular and breath taking Enhancement is our Monogram Projection.

When adding the Monogram to your special day it opens up to so much more than just a light. We custom design your digital image based off of our extensive catalog and it is yours to do with as you please. We have had customers use this design on napkins, ice sculptures, golf balls, wedding programs, koozies, and the list goes on and on.

After picking out the design and using it on all of your event novelties you can now seal the deal with that same design being displayed on an accent wall, dance floor, over the cake, or event the sweet heart table. Being a bright light with your names, initials, wedding date, that will catch the eye of anyone that walks into the room. It will blow them away!

Check it out on our Monogram Projection Enhancement page to see how you could have this on your special day!

Custom Made HD Monogram

If you have any questions at all you can always reach out to us. We love what we do here at Virtual Sounds and would love to be a part of your next special event. Click Get A Quote and we can start building your custom day together!