A Photo booth these days come in all different types and styles. From the simple photographer with a camera, tripod, and a back drop to the big metal box that you step up into. We get asked all the time “Why Rent a Photo Booth?”. The choice is yours but let’s look at some fun facts about having a Photo Booth at your next event.

The most important thing about having a photo booth is that they can be a part of any type of event such as wedding receptions, private parties, or even corporate fundraisers.  Having a photo booth is another way to interact with the guest and have something for them to do throughout the entire event. It’s one of the perfect opportunities to entertain and attract people to your event. Think about walking into your event and looking around and you either find something to do or spot a nice spot to sit down. You may find the bar and grab a drink but before the event kicks off but there is really nothing else to do. The photo booth has a natural attraction that will catch the eye of your guest. Not everyone likes to dance and that’s OK, but practically anyone will get in the photo booth for at least one session or two. The photo booth area draws a little curiosity to see what it’s all about. That’s where having the right kind of photo booth at your event such as a Virtual Sounds photo booth will play a big role of how your guest will respond.

Before diving into the photo booth world and adding them to the Virtual Sounds Enhancement Selection we looked into it very carefully. Again, so many types and styles to choose from. We had to think about the ease of use, functionality, and over all FUN FACTOR of the photo booth. We wanted anyone to be able to step into the booth and start having fun with it right away. At the same time it needed to have a smart enough operating system to do all of the things we wanted to offer our Virtual Sounds clients. So, what did we come up with?

Virtual Sounds has several amazing free standing photo booths that have touch screen monitors, high mega pixel DSLR cameras, on board sub dye printer, optional curtains, and a built in computer that runs our easy to use touch screen software. The touch screen monitor makes the experience smooth and easy. With life like graphics, it is very clear where to touch to start the booth. The booth also allows for your guest to type in their email address on the screen so that their images can be emailed them directly to their smartphone. This makes it very easy for them to share on social media sites. We also have the capability to print multiple copies for as many guests that get in the booth at once.


The home touch screen is completely customizable along with the actual print that comes out as well. We have a design team on staff to help you build and create your custom layout for any event. There are two sizes of photo strips that can print out on the spot. We have our 2″x6″ strip and also a 4″x6″ postcard layout. By having many layouts and styles to choose from you can mix and match them to make the perfect combination that fits you best!

Let’s step your event up a notch! The other great option that our photo booth has to offer is like none other. Say good bye to the old school photo booth and say hello to the new and improved video booth.  That’s right we said Video Booth! This feature adds another option on the home screen to do a short 20-30 second high definition video. This as a great way for your guests to do a shout out to the host of the event or share some words of advice to a bride and groom, or even wish Happy Birthday in way that can’t be forgotten with a video recording. We take all of the video clips that are taken the night of your event and compile them into one awesome video for you.

All of the images and videos are uploaded to our photo booth website and can be viewed and downloaded. As the host you will receive all of the digital images from the event at no cost. You can also order additional prints, T-shirts, and much more just by a click of a button. Check out some of our most recent events at http://www.ourcrazyguest.com.

Naturally our photo booth comes with fun props. What would a photo booth be without fun and silly props for your guest to experience? We have a treasure trunk filled with fun hats, glasses, and much more. Also you have the option of having a keepsake scrap book for your event. We set the photo booth up to print off an extra copy to go into the scrap book and have each guest sign or write a short message on each page.


All of this put together is pretty awesome but there is one more element that ties it all together. We really focus on the experience as an entirety and how we maximize this is by having one of our fun, upbeat, and energetic photo booth attendants at your event. Our attendants make sure the booth runs smoothly, helps each guest while they are using the photo booth, helps with the massive crowds that congregate around the area, makes sure everyone has the props they need, and directs the guests to the scrap book station. This method helps with the overall experience of each guest as they make their way through the photo booth from start to finish.

If you are interested in adding a photo video booth to your next event just click on “Get A Quote” and we can send you all of our pricing and answer any questions you may have.

-Virtual Sounds Entertainment